According to Roberto Martinez, Euro U21 is Important for Espoirs

‘Espoirs’ the team of Johan Walem is currently busy in Euro U21 tournament final stage preparation. The final stage of the tournament will take place in the month of June and will be held in Italy. This is really an important moment because the team of Belgium has not come so far in the championship after 2007.  This positively can see them to qualifying for the upcoming Olympic Games that will take place in Tokyo.

In an interview, when Roberto Martinez was asked about this, he said, after entering in tournament’s final stage we are really glad, as it is a huge as well as important in the career of young players. “For over ten years, Belgium has not come to the final stage. Now, when it comes to this level, this has become a unique chance for young players in the team and it is crucial for their future as well. The team has to learn to be competitive in such big tournaments”, this the national coach of the team said recently.

This moment is significant for Devils as well. Zinho Vanheusden, who is the standard defender, is in the team of Johan Walem. Walem said his talk with Roberto Martinez regarding whether to take in players of Espoirs in the Devils team so early has been short.

“We all are on a similar wavelength. Our responsibility is to offer our players the goals to aspire for Zinho, still, spend some more time with Espoirs. The tournament, Euro is a basically a top-level and high profile competition, therefore, for them, it is great that they all are part of it”, said Johan Walem. Roberto Martinez “You mentioned about Zinho, but there are around 5 or 6 more players with whom we need to talk about. It is our key job to get fresh players to start playing and it is also our responsibility to help them to get ready.” He said.