Carlo Tavecchio has been re-elected as the Italian football chief on Monday.

Tavecchio defeated close competition Andrea Abodi, winning 54 percent of the valid votes. Many wanted a change after his three terms but the results after three round of voting shows that Tavecchio will lead Italian football for a fourth team.

“We now need to find the same strength with which we were divided to come together. I am emotional, as is normal. I am sure I have done my duty, I said what I could do, the tasks that can be maintained, nothing more,” the 73-year old said after the election.

Following Giancarlo Abete’s resignation due to the poor showing of the national team in the 2014 World Cup, Tavecchio took over despite making a racist comment during his campaign.

The players’ association, the association of referee and coaches determined the eventual winner. Tavecchio did not get the players’ support as they preferred Abodi but he was able to win after three rounds. He lost the first round as he did not have three-quarter of the votes, then lost the second again as he did not poll two-third of the vote.

“My future? Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m playing a five-a-side match. A huge part of my future is in my hands and another bit in the hands of those who have to evaluate my abilities, maybe not in this system but in another context. Now another life is starting,” Abodi said when asked about his plans following the voting results.

Abodi was the Serie B president for almost seven years before he decided to leave for the FIGC role. He was popular with the players but he could not ride on just that to victory. Tavecchio’s ban by UEFA in 2014 for six months did not stop his supporters from voting him in then and every year since.